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Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy

· Blood pressure. High blood pressure is common. Pay attention and work to keep it down to be sure you’re not at risk for hypertension.

· Get to the dentist. Seeing a dentist two or more times a year may lower your risk of mortality form all risk causes by 30 to 50 percent.

· Check the mirror for these things: Eyes yellowing could signal liver problems. Cracked or dry lips could mean a vitamin B deficiency. Unusual skin tags, moles, or spots. See a dermatologist if any appear.

· Self-breast exam. Women should do a self-breast exam daily.

· Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can accelerate the aging process on a cellular level where it can cause cognitive decline and impair memory.

· Exercise. If your already exercise keep at it, if you don’t, consider adding an exercise program.

· Eat healthy fruits and vegetables and more nuts and seeds. Git rid of sugar, refined flour, fried foods and artificial sweeteners. Add hormonefree meat and chicken and wild caught fish.

· Wash your hands often.

· Ask yourself: do I react to stress well. If not reevaluate your approach.

· Engage your brain. Research shows that activities requiring thinking hard and learning new things may help you to live a longer and more purposeful life, and may help prevent dementia.

· Take a bath in the woods. The Japanese call it shinrinyoka-forest bathing or taking in the natural world through your senses. This can relieve stress and improve immune system function.

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