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Courage To Be The Change

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

We find ourselves well into January of 2019. The stress of the holidays is beginning to subside, but still everyday there are events that bring our attention to some new type of stress to cope with. The type of things I hear from people I see are: “I feel like I can’t get enough air”; “a sense of unbelievable lingers, darkened by a sense of mounting helplessness and danger” which stems from seeing what we once thought of as fundamental norms being violated day after day. One source of distress that I think is shared by most people in our country is the sense that we’re no longer a reasonably united country (or at least believe ourselves to be). Instead we’ve split into openly belligerent camps, each convinced that it knows what’s good for you and our country and each side dismissive at best, contemptuous at worst, toward those who see things differently. So, what is the answer to change what’s happening in our society? We change ourselves. How do we do that? We change our thoughts. This is the time for change. To borrow from one of the spiritual teachings that I believe in, I have chosen to focus on courage, the courage to love, to be peace, creative, and prosperous. Courage comes from the heart of our soul and emboldens the light of the creator within us, emanating through us and as us. It is in celebration of this divine courage within you. We can’t change others, we can only change our selves. Your thoughts matter, your words matter, your actions matter. Please join me in bringing change to the planet one person at a time.

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