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Be Healthy

Take charge of your health. Be proactive, be informed, be prepared. Schedule an annual physical with your MD, DO and your Naturopathic Doctor. Think of your health care as a team, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, naturopath, all working together. Talk to your providers about any changes or concerns for your health. Know your family medical history and make sure each of your health care team knows it too. Make a list of your medications, including all herbal or over the counter medicines and share it with your health care team. Talk over any emotional and mental health concerns. Share all recent screenings and tests. Pay attention to your blood pressure. For women, schedule a 3D mammogram every year. Everyone ages 50-75 years old should have colorectal cancer screening. Women ages 60-85 should have osteoporosis screening for bone mineral density deficiency every two years.

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