Life and Wellness Coaching


In 1984 I began my journey in natural health with the opening of my first health care clinic in Lansing, MI. I began my career doing colon hydro therapy. In 1995 I received the degree of Doctor of Naturopathy. Over the years, I broadened the scope of my practice to include Naturopathy, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Enzyme Therapy, Reiki, Nutritional Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Essential Oils, Electrodermal Screening/EAV, Flower Essence, Holistic Psychotherapist, and I am an Ordained Christian Minister. One underlying thread in my approach to treating the many health and emotional issues of my clients is not only treating the short term issues, but offering my knowledge and experience to provide the tools to empower each client to maintain their health and reach their highest potential. 


In 2018 I completed my training to become a Certified Professional Life and Wellness Coach. This training has allowed me to more effectively guide clients to achieve higher goals, overcome obstacles and make the changes in their lives that have been holding them back. 


I am offering a free 60 minute strategy session to discuss your goals, create an action plan, and develop a method to verify results.

8183 Herbison Road
Bath, Michigan 48808
Monday -  Thursday      10:00 am -   4:00 pm
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