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Dr. Kathleen Ireland Gregg


Dr. Kathleen Ireland Gregg is a national health educator, author, and lecturer who has been practicing natural health care since 1984. As the founder and director of Health Matters, a center dedicated to wholeness, Kathleen is committed to promoting quality living through teaching complementary pathways to health and well being.

She holds a degree of Doctor of Naturopathy, a degree in Holistic Psychology, is a Certified Professional Coach, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), an Ordained Christian Minister, Nutritional Microscopist, and an Auricular Acupuncturist.


Her private practice includes the application of herbs, enzymes, vitamins, holistic psychotherapy, electro dermal screening, nutritional counseling, homeopathy, life and wellness coaching, trauma counseling, and other natural procedures.

DeWayne B. Gregg


DeWayne earned a BS degree in Construction Management from Michigan State University and spent a career  in commercial building construction. After his retirement in 2014, he joined Health Matters as partner and office manager. He has attended the Academy of International BioEnergetic Science in London, Onterio CA, where he received training in the use and administration EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll), also known as EDS (electro dermal screening). DeWayne does all of the EAV testing and Kathleen does the assessment of the test results. 

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